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SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE: NO TIPPING! 15% is included to provide full-time living wage, renewable program, recycling program, more organics products, and more cage-free products. Thank you! Dim Sum  Then Some Original Potsticker (Guo Tie) 1.55 each Top secret family recipe made with pork, shrimp, garlic chive and vegetables. Vegan Dumpling GF 1.55 each Tofu, shitake mushroom, garlic chive and more. Pearl Meatball GF 1.55 each made with pork and water chestnuts. Steamy Bun (Bao) 3.21 each Fluffy handmade steamed organic wheat bun filled with choice of Marinated Pork or Vegetarian. Crystal Shrimp Dumpling Low-gluten 5.18 (for 3) Shrimp, crystal wrapper, ginger, bamboo shoot, and water chestnut. Wonton Soup 9.14 Made to order with pork wonton, baby bok choy, ginger, sprouts, chicken broth. Noodle  Rice Za Jiang Mian 8.04 Classic Northern Chinese noodle dish. Ma Ma makes it with fresh egg noodle topped with savory ground pork sauce and julienne vegetables. Rice and rice noodle available. Ma Ma’s Chicken Soup Noodle GF 9.19 Chicken, pickled greens, sprouts, ginger, and rice noodle in chicken broth with lots of love. Rice and fresh egg noodle available. +egg 2.30 “CPR” 9.19 It’s so good, you’ll need it. All-natural CHICKEN and POTATO stewed in aromatic gravy served over RICE. Rice noodle and fresh egg noodle available. Vegetarian 7.99 Fresh egg noodle with lots of fresh vegetables, and tofu. Rice and rice noodle available. Chicken Salad GF 8.34 All natural shredded chicken with fresh shredded vegetables, crispy rice noodle, and almonds. Cool Noodle (Liang Ban Mian) 5.69 Fresh egg noodle with julienne cucumber, bean sprouts. +tofu 2.01. +chicken 3.45. +shrimp 4.31 Everyday! Sichuan Braised Beef Noodle 13.56 A famous Chinese noodle dishes Westerners don’t know about. It’s rich, soupy, spicy, and full of exotic flavors. Yummy! Rice and rice noodle available. Wednesday  Thursday Lion’s Head 9.14 Ginormous saucy pork meatball served with shitake mushroom, napa cabbage, bamboo shoots and rice. Rice noodle and fresh egg noodle available. Friday  Saturday Roast Duck Wonton Noodle Soup 14.71 Roast duck, baby bok choy, fresh handmade wonton and egg noodle in duck broth. Side  Sweet Chillin’ Veggies 3.68 Medley of seasonal vegetables blanched, chilled, and served with a spicy Sichuan peppercorn sauce. Steamed Rice 1.73 Fresh Egg Noodle 4.20 Gluten-Free Soy Sauce GF .86 Sesame Ball with Red Bean GF 2.30 Goji Berry & Raisin Rice Cake GF 2.01 Beverage Iced Green Tea 1 free refill 2.59 Premium Formosan green tea flavored with ginger and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Ba Ba’s Jasmine Tea 1 free refill 2.01 Zoe Ba Ba’s favorite tea. Izze 2.13 Eldorado Spring Water 2.01